At last!  
The Theraglow SmileMachine uses the same lighting technology that dentists use to whiten teeth, and presents it to spa, salon and medispa
owners in a portable system designed to maximize the ease of use in a retail environment.  

This Machine Works!  Your clients can expect an average of 4 - 6 shades of whitening in 30 minutes.  In one 10-minute session clients are
getting the same or better results than the 20 consecutive treatments suggested by the best store-bought alternatives.  In just 1/3rd the time
for 1/2 the cost clients are getting 60 - 75% of the posted average whitening results a dental office might produce.

The Theraglow SmileMachine combines the best of dental teeth whitening systems with the
Safety, comfort and Performance required for
in-spa use.  You are now positioned to
own the teeth whitening industry and your clients are the beneficiaries!  Armed with a system that
works, Spa Owners are now able to fully and completely capture the
Profitability and Marketability of teeth whitening, the #1 cosmetic
procedure in the US.  

Guaranteed Results  We support you in guaranteeing at least 4 shades per full treatment session.  

*   SmileMachine's Xenon filtered light source is a proven effective and safe lighting technology.  The actual catalyst is safe light, not
potentially damaging heat from an LED bulb.

*   The flexible light guide disperses the light evenly and completely to the whitening gel, reducing the exposure inconsistencies of
multi-bulb systems.  
Most important, it eliminates the heat that multiple bulb LED systems rely on to catalyze the bleaching reaction.

*   The fiber-optic lighting chord carries no heat or electricity to the mouthpiece which adds to the safety of the system and ultimately
reduces your risk of liability.  

Theraglow SmileMachine is built with the same quality that has made
Dermaglow a world leader in microdermabrasion.  SmileMachine is
guaranteed for life and made affordable through our creative financing options.  

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The NEXT Generation
Spa Teeth Whitening System
This Machine Works!   Guaranteed!
Theraglow SmileMachine
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Exponential Power Increase

Results Your Clients will Love

Quick, Comfortable & Safe

Pain Free Process
Teeth Whitening
LED Therapy
This Machine Works!
Watch What Spa Professionals are Saying!
*  High Intensity Xenon Light - Not another LED

*  Fiberoptic Light Chord - No more electricity to the mouth

*  Light is Inside Machine - No more bulbs heating teeth

This system works - What the Spa Industry has waited for

*  Fast, Comfortable & Safe - Eliminates most sensitivity issues

*  Built in the US with a free Lifetime Warranty & Service Agreement

*  Developed by Aesthetic Solutions International and Dermaglow
 The "easy to work with" company since 1998